Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Becca's Bachelorette Party + Lingerie Shower

Remember how I mentioned my dear friend Becca recently got married? Well before she tied the knot we decided to have a little party (or two) for her. I was so happy to help host this fun weekend in Florida!!

After just recently having my Mom's Surprise Birthday Party and learning how to make invitations from Brittany, I thought this time I might would be able to make these invitations on my own... 

I ended up needing a lot more help than I thought I would!!
 I am so thankful again for all of her help--I could NOT have done it without her. 

So, after a big THANK YOU to Brittany and without further ado, look at how great the invitations turned out.

{sorry for the blur, I removed a few... more private lines}

I thought they turned out so great! :)

Now here are a few clean pictures from the party...

The BRIDE has arrived...
and is excited to see all of the decorations!

Here are the yummy cookies that my wonderful mother helped me bake. 
We used bikini-shaped cookie cutters to serve as panties and bra's. 
I promise to share the delicious recipe with y'all soon!

She unwrapped her gifts...

We played a few games...
My team WON! I wish you all could have seen the train on our lovely TP Gown.

And then we all headed out for a fun night out!

Unfortunately, we all had to leave the beautiful beach at the end of the weekend.

Whether it was riding down there (which believe it or not was one of the highlights of the weekend), decorating for the party, seeing Becca's face when she arrived, watching her open her gifts, or playing embarrassing games;  I had so much fun spending this weekend with my dear friends celebrating Becca and her marriage!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Look at 2010

The year 2010 brought several great memories into my life. After reading my friend Ansley's blog post I was inspired to share some of my favorite memories with you all.

My beautiful new niece Emma Ryley was brought home from the hospital on January 3rd.


I celebrated my birthday with my lovely friends.

My last year of sorority events and date parties.

Cruising at the beach for our last spring break.

I met this turtle, that I like to call my boyfriend, in April.

My sweet parents celebrated their   25th  Wedding Anniversary. Here is one of my favorite pictures from their wedding and a picture of my mom's beautiful new additions to her wedding ring. 

McKinney was born!

I graduated college!!!

I attended my first sorority sister's wedding--it was absolutely beautiful. A GREAT job done my Mallory Wilkins Events & Interiors .

My first trip with the Bross Family to Gatlinburg,TN.

Becca--one of my very, very best friends got MARRIED!!!

2010 was such a great year! I am so thankful for each and every memory that I have from it.  And I promise more family & crafty pictures from Christmas will be up very soon (as soon as I can figure out how to use my NEW cameras software...).