Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Santa, here is my Wish List...

Of course my first item listed is from Anthropologie. However, keep in mind, my list is in no particular order.

Also, from Anthropologie...

Wouldn't this Bonfire Cardigan from J.Crew look so cute with skinny jeans?

These cute earrings are similar to my old FAVORITE pair of earrings earRING--I lost one of them a couple of football seasons ago on gameday :-( 
{i kind of like these better anyways}

I spotted these AG Cords from my friend Erin's Wish List and I just had to add them to my list.  I have been searching for some cords that fit and AG's normally do so I just maybe in luck! :)

This is my wish list {as of now}. Well and of course a new camera...hopefully Santa reads blogs these days ;)

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